Best Looking Bald Actors

The news that Bruce Willis is being sued over returning a stained rug, got me thinking about beautiful bald men. I often see men holding onto the two remaining hairs on their head, and I think to myself — you look so ridiculous. Why not just shave it all off? So in an effort to convince all those men out there to go the distance, I am posting pictures of all the baldies-but-goodies in the industry. Enjoy!

Bruce Willis — Bruce is an excellent choice.  He started shaving his head years ago, and he owns it.  He once said on Letterman that he was nervous about the shape of his head, for fear that he’d discover upon shaving it that he’s actually a cone-head.  Luckily for us, he looks great.

Jason Statham — He started in the industry with hair, and I think his bald head helps with the bad guy roles.  I once saw Statham while shopping with my mother in a mall.  My mother had no idea who he was, and said (in her very heavy Long Island accent), “Well, I don’t care who he is, he isn’t carrying his girlfriend’s bags.  That poor girl is carrying all of his shopping bags and he is not holding anything.”  And there you have it.  He may be a great looking guy, but my mother doesn’t approve.  

Taye Diggs — I’ve loved Taye Diggs ever since he starred in ‘How Stella Got her Groove Back.’   He also appeared on Broadway in ‘Rent,’ and he’s now on ‘Private Practice.’  Let’s hope we see him next on ‘Glee.’ 


Ed Harris — He is the quintessential bald man that everyone cites as an example of sexiness.  Remember when Charlotte described Stanford to Marcus as an “Ed Harris lookalike” on ‘Sex and the City’?  It’s like he was born to be bald.

Joey Lawrence — I debated choosing Joey Lawrence because something about his demeanor reeks of arrogance. He made the cut though, because his baldness is by choice. He shaved his head for a role and then decided he liked it. Plus, he was on ‘Blossom,’ which is one of my all-time favorite shows.

Michael Chiklis — I’ve chosen Chiklis not only because he’s sexy, but also because he’s a nice guy. You would never guess that the guy from ‘The Commish’ is the same guy from ‘The Shield.’ It’s the bald head that did the trick.

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