The FCC Ruling — A Big Victory for Nipples and Horse Semen Jokes

The United States 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, put the kibosh on the FCC today, claiming that it is unconstitutional to restrict “fleeting expletives.”  The court ruled that the FCC regulation violates the First Amendment, because it is unconstitutionally vague, which causes a “chilling effect” on speech.  To summarize, no one has any idea what violates the FCC’s vague rule, so people curb their speech altogether for fear of being fined.  The suit began in 2006 after Congress (under the Bush administration) increased fines for indecency following Janet Jackson’s nipple-gate at the super bowl.   Broadcast networks sued the FCC in retaliation for the fines, the networks won, the FCC appealed, and the court shut the FCC down on appeal today.  This is a big victory for the entertainment industry, because there is constant pressure during live broadcasts to monitor content that networks have no control over.  In honor of the First Amendment, I am attaching this previously posted ‘American Dad’ video, because nothing says free speech like bestiality.

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