Howard Stern and Larry King — Two Cranky Jews in a Mud-Pit

Larry King and Howard Stern are in a very funny feud. If you listened to Stern today, he’ll tell you that the feud began when Larry King said in an interview that Howard Stern would not be a good replacement for him, as he is “tasteless,” “worthless,” and “the lowest common denominator.” Stern did not take too kindly to this, and went on a tirade about King, calling him a “lucky fu*khead who got away with murder with his career.” First of all, I enjoy Stern’s play-by-play about how King started this, considering Stern has dedicated many hours of his show pretending to be Larry King’s wife, who he says tried to kill herself because she had to have sex with King. I actually give King credit for having a little fight in him. Unfortunately for King though, he doesn’t have 5 hours of interview time to rail on Stern. It’s probably not a fair fight.

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