Kevin Feige Clears up Ed Norton Controversy at Comic-Con — Or Doesn’t

Marvel’s Kevin Feige was asked about his below-the-belt Ed Norton statement, and he insists that there is no “bad blood.” When asked if he would be quite so honest about Norton if he had it to do over, he said that he “didn’t think [he] was being all that candid.” Wow. What exactly did Norton do to Kevin Feige? When an actor’s negotiation falls through, you don’t usually see the head of a movie studio bad mouth them in the press. So either Ed Norton killed Kevin Feige’s dog, or Kevin Feige is pretty damn unprofessional. And it certainly didn’t help to squash the controversy, when he said he “wasn’t being candid.”  What’s more candid than basically calling an actor an asshole?   Just how much hidden dirt does he have on Norton?

One thought on “Kevin Feige Clears up Ed Norton Controversy at Comic-Con — Or Doesn’t”

  1. What negotiation fell through? Thor? Avengers?

    How did Marvel come to have its own studios?

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