When Did The View Become a Nursing Home?

You wouldn’t think that Barbara Walters’ absence from The View would not have aged the show by 100 years — but it did.  For some reason, the show that I love, has turned into a Joy Behar/Whoopi Goldberg gab-fest about how their breasts have fallen, what menopause is like, and how some women suffer from urinal leakage (no I’m not kidding).  What on earth has this turned into?  Everyone always complains about Elizabeth Hasselbeck, but at least she brings a hot, youth factor to the show.  But there’s only so much she can do.  When Queen Babs was there, you barely ever heard this talk.  That’s either because Babs know what makes a good show, or she’s so concerned with being perceived as youthful, she avoids these topics altogether.  Get your act together, ladies!

One thought on “When Did The View Become a Nursing Home?”

  1. I agree with you but I think the daytime ladies like all this old lady talk – maybe. But maybe they should not be allowed to have it…

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