Ali is the Classiest Bachelorette in History

Though The Bachelorette is barely watchable, I simply can’t turn away. In the midst of my eye-rolling over the cheesy dialogue, I saw that Ali rejected Chris prior to the final rose ceremony, which is a first for the show. I’m not sure whether this was her idea, or a creative twist from the producers, but the choice benefited everyone involved. Let’s not forget when Deanna Pappas’ delay led to Jason Mesnick’s one-knee descent. Or how about when Brad Womack knew prior to the final rose ceremony that he would not choose either woman, and claimed that the producers contractually forced him to continue. I’m embarrassed by my own knowledge of the show, but lets just keep it between us.  I’d like to blame my trainwreck obsession on the lack of summer show choices, and beg every network to come up with something even moderately entertaining.  Anyways, congratulations to the happy couple, may your six months of “amazing” post-show bliss bring you much happiness.

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