Clooney’s Girlfriend Does an Interview — Talks About Clooney

George Clooney’s girlfriend is the cover-girl for the Italian Vanity Fair and not surprisingly, the topic is Clooney.  The love he has for her is “overwhelming,” says Elisabetta Canalis, and he has put the “color back into [her] life.”  Aside from the vomitable and seemingly contrived cheesiness, I can’t quite figure out why she made it on the cover.  Oh wait — yes I can — she’s dating Clooney.  I’m actually on the fence about using your man’s fame to launch your own career.  After all, connections make the world go round in almost any business.  But when you discuss your A-list boyfriend on a magazine cover, instead of auditioning for roles, the line is crossed.  Canalis is an Italian model and actress, and has yet to make a break in the United States.  So dating Clooney certainly helps get her foot in the door.  It’s therefore unnecessary to prostitute her relationship in interviews.  I’d like to also note that I might be a jealous bitch, and I don’t appreciate her naively thinking that Clooney won’t leave her for me.  It’s only a matter of time.

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