John Mayer Calls Huffington Post: “A Stripper Wearing Reading Glasses”

The world has officially ended when John Mayer starts to make sense.  Mayer is pissed at the Huffington Post for reporting that he is back together with Jennifer Aniston.  Apparently, HuffPo got their story from a recent Mayer concert, where he said some cryptic words on stage, that led to an arbitrary assumption that he was referencing an Aniston reunion.  Mayer explained the real meaning of the quote, and then went on to attack the Huffington Post, for pretending to be something they aren’t.  According to Mayer, he’s fine with Star Magazine and In Touch, because of their definitive tabloid identity, whereas HuffPo is disguised with a high-brow, hard-news image.  And if his stripper analogy didn’t blow your mind, he also called them “an insolvent law student willing to dance for extra dollars.”  Mayer is slowly removing himself from my Hollywood douchebag list.  Keep the analogies coming!

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