Today’s Question: Have Sequels Helped Anyone’s Career?

Hollywood is constantly cranking out sequels for dead movies, and actors often consent to them, in hopes of resurrecting their career.  It’s a paycheck with some attention for the actor, and it’s easy marketing for the studio.  But is it really a good idea?  All signs point to no.  The biggest flop that comes to mind is Sharon Stone’s sequel to Basic Instinct.  Michael Douglas turned it down, saying that he didn’t think anyone really wanted to see his aging, naked ass.  Apparently, Sharon Stone didn’t get Michael Douglas’ memo, and perhaps thought the film might help her career.  I’m embarrassed to admit I saw it in the theater, and the audience actually laughed during the murder scenes.  Yes, it was that bad.  Bruce Willis made Die Hard 4, which was actually a decent film.  Unfortunately, it didn’t help revive his action-star status, and he’s pretty much in the same position as he was before the film.  And don’t let me misguide you about Michael Douglas’ career choices.  He has Wall Street 2 coming out, and while I hope it’s great, my hatred for Oliver Stone leads me to believe it won’t be.  So what’s my advice?  If you need a paycheck, by all means do a sequel for the purpose of putting food on the table.  Other than that, it’s pretty useless — and it ruins some of my favorite films of all time.

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