Conan O’Brien’s Image Errors — It’s Time to Look Rich

Ever since Conan O’Brien began promoting his new TBS show, he’s acting like a wounded bird that traded the big-guys (the network) for the underdogs (cable).  He has yet to shave that depression-laced beard, and he’s answering fan questions on his facebook page via youtube, from an “office” that looks like my college dorm room.  I presume he’s trying to connect with his young viewers by looking “one with the people,” but he’s instead coming off as sad leftovers.  When Conan originally chose TBS, it was portrayed in the media that he turned down FOX (the big bad network world), because he wanted more creative freedom, and plus, “cable is the future.”  So here’s my question: does the “future” have an office with a view?

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