Did You Know: Will Arnett is the Voice in the GMC Commercials

When I learned that Will Arnett was the voice in those GMC commercials, I was shocked, mostly because I envision him as that fun, goofy guy from Arrested Development.  Who knew he had such a serious voice?  I learned this information during Arnett’s appearance on Howard Stern to promote his new pilot with Keri Russell, Running Wilde.   The creator, Mitch Hurwitz, also created Arrested Development.  Though I have my fingers crossed for Arnett’s new show, at least he has the ongoing voice-over work, which is the most coveted “get” in Hollywood.  The commercials take very little man-hours to record, and Arnett gets paid every time it airs.  Watch the commercial below, and wait until the end to hear Arnett’s hot-and sexy voice.

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