Lone Star Gets Canceled — Here’s What Went Wrong

I read a very entertaining Daily Beast interview with Kyle Killen, the creator of the recently canceled Fox show, Lone Star.  He hoped the interview would help keep the show on the air.  It didn’t work.  Fox canceled it after just two episodes.  Killen intrigued me enough to HULU the show, and I figured out the problem within the first fifteen minutes.  The main character isn’t likable.  He’s a con man with two wives, and he loves them both, and hopes to leave the business and “go straight.”  The premise is flawed.  You can’t have an unlikable main character, unless he’s a “crook with a heart.”  But where’s the heart in loving two women?  Is he a Mormon?  Here’s how it should have been written: He should have had the two wives, but loved only one of them, with the other one unlikable.  That way we know where his heart is, yet there would still be some juicy plot entanglement with the unlikable woman.  Furthermore, the lead was a miscast.  He’s far too young to pull off the double wife look.  You can see his picture, along with the “wives,” below.  Personally, I would have cast James Tupper.  Perhaps I’ll get a call from the writer’s room next time around — a girl can dream.

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