Tim Gunn is Correct — The Project Runway Judges are “Smoking Crack”

In the eight seasons of Project Runway, the judges critiques have never been this horrible.  They are unequivocally wrong every episode, and if you don’t take my word for it, take Tim Gunn’s, who has consistently mentioned their insanity on his video blogs.  Last week’s “resort wear” episode was no exception, with Andy South’s beautiful design losing to April Johnston’s risque nightie.  Did I mention that Michael Drummond made the top three, with what looked like a black evening gown?  Explain to me what resort island would warrant a a dress that would attract enough sun to give you skin cancer.  When I envision a resort, I see a very rich woman sipping tea overlooking the ocean — which is exactly what Casanova designed — and he was eliminated.  It might be time to get some new judges.

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