Anne Hathaway Needs to Talk About Her Con-Artist Ex-Boyfriend

Anne Hathaway has desperately tried to push her personal-life under the rug, but there’s just one problem. America isn’t over it. She dated a con-artist, and apparently had no idea of Raffaello Follieri’s actions until just before he was arrested. In a recent interview with Vogue, she said, “I hate talking about it, because I don’t want it to define me.” Every single person that interviews Hathaway tries to get her to talk about it, and she refuses. Barbara Walters interviewed her for her Oscar special, and she was instructed to avoid the topic altogether. Walters instead asked, “what was your year like?” Anne then gave some canned response about how “asking others for help is important.” If she would just do a real sit-down with Walters or Oprah, and discuss the topic head-on, people would leave it alone for good.

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