Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says Football Commercials Aren’t “Family Friendly” — Isn’t the Game Worse?

On today’s episode of The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck complained about the inappropriate commercials that air during football, because she likes to watch the game with her young children.  Nothing pleases me more than picking on Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who unequivocally supports the Republican party, no matter what the issue.   As Jon Stewart said during his infamous Crossfire interview, that kind of mentality is “bad for America.”  Having explained my bias, I will now begin my Hasselbeck attack.  No commercial is more violent or disturbing for a young child than the game of football itself.  Perhaps she should ban her young children from watching the giant men in tights crash into each other instead of worrying about Viagra commercials.  Watch her explanation below at the 21 minute mark.

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