It’s Official: Lisa Rinna Fixed Her Upper Lip

Though I picked on Lisa Rinna in the previous post, I actually like Lisa Rinna. Unlike many Hollywood celebrities, she owns her flaws, and has a good sense of humor about herself. I know this because she often appears on Howard Stern, and when Stern makes fun of her she laughs it off in stride. During her last appearance, he inquired about the status of her upper lip, and she said she has been trying to fix it for years. Apparently, Rinna injected silicone into her lip before modern medicine came up with a better solution, and she has been unable to fix it ever since. On her new reality show, Harry Loves Lisa, she was taped at the doctor’s office, where she tried to reverse the effects. Judging from the picture to the right, it worked. Congratulations to Lisa Rinna for no longer having butt cheeks on her face. Alright, that was mean. I like her — I swear I do.

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