Katherine Heigl Explains Hot Tub Incident — I Already Love Her

Katherine Heigl has been on image control mode lately, and she’s already improved my view of her.  She was taped talking to some cops while in a skimpy bikini, because an annoying neighbor kept screaming at Heigl and her husband while they were hanging out in their hot tub.  The major news though, was how Heigl looked in her bikini, and Heigl responded to the story saying, “my boobs look ridiculous.”  I thought her disclosure was particularly funny, considering she does have very large boobs.  Heigl also added, “I just love it because it’s the only scandalous, interesting thing that we’ve ever had to talk about.”  Nothing improves your approval points like a skimpy bikini.  Perhaps Obama should wear one next?

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