Kings of Leon Album — Only By the Night — It’s Incredible!

I don’t usually promote albums that are already successful, but I have to make an exception for Kings of Leon, whose album is so incredible, I cannot stop playing it on repeat.  With the mainstream success of Use Somebody, I ignorantly assumed that the rest of the album would pale in comparison.  I was wrong.  The album is incredible from start to finish.  I’ve picked on the group for their aversion to “selling out,” because they refused to allow their songs to be featured in mainstream movie trailers.  Perhaps they know more than I do, because they’ve successfully avoided over-exposure.  The band consists of three brothers and one cousin, and they’ve been around for over 11 years, yet they didn’t achieve mainstream success in the United States until they released Only By the Night, which had the songs, Use Somebody, Sex on Fire, and Notion.  I’ve posted their lesser known song, Closer, below.  Enjoy!

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