Tammy Lynn Michaels is Broke? — Can She Please Write Complete Sentences?

Not only do I find it incredibly annoying when celebrities let their personal lives play out in the press, but it’s even worse when they can’t properly put a sentence together. If you’re going to use your personal blog to bash an ex, at least make sure the punctuation is correct. Tammy Lynn Michaels, the ex-wife of Melissa Etheridge, has written a “poem” on her blog explaining that she’s too broke to even buy food. News reports suggest that Etheridge gives Michaels the small sum of $2,000 per month, plus household expenses (which might be a coded way of saying she just pays for toilet paper).  That sounds like nothing when you take Etheridge’s salary into account; however, I’m still opposed to the haiku style of writing.  Just say, “my ex-wife is a selfish, horrible person, and then call it a day.  See, I even used a comma.  Hopefully my own punctuation is correct.  Otherwise, I might have to send Tammy Lynn Michaels a long apology note.

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