Carlos Vives — Music that Never Gets Old

There’s very few albums that bring me out of a bad mood.  Most have a combination of up-tempo and low-tempo tracks, which makes me swing from depression to joy from one moment to another.  Plus, how long can I play Britney Spears?  I can only picture myself naked while holding a snake for so long (and yes, I’m aware of what that sentence implies — wash your mind out with soap).  Anyways, Carlos Vives is timeless, and just because I don’t speak fluent Spanish doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the music.  I like to think that if I listen to the album enough, I learn the meaning through osmosis.  His best album is El Amor De mi Tierra, and I posted the song Fruta Fresca below (forgive him for the cheesiest video ever — you can’t have everything).   Listen and enjoy!

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