Julie Chen is Damn Beautiful

Every time I watch The Talk, I find myself incredibly distracted by Julie Chen’s looks.  You know when you have a crush on a guy and you invite your girlfriends out as your wing-women?  Yeah — if Julie Chen was my my girlfriend, I’d tell her to stay home for fear of competition.  No one needs a hot chick as their wing.  I can’t imagine sitting on that panel with her everyday and listening her to her say things like, “I miss my 20 year old body.”  Chen is married to Les Moonves, who is the head of CBS, and Moonves allegedly starting dating Chen while he was still married.  Chen hosted The Early Show on CBS at the time.  They married 13 days after his divorce was final.  Something tells me it was love at first sight.

2 thoughts on “Julie Chen is Damn Beautiful”

  1. Are u looking at her with blinders on?  She is one of he ugliest woman on tv!!!!  Have u noticed that bad lamp she has?   The left eye , in case u havent noticed. Most of her ugliness is her attitude.  She thinks because she is married to the president ot CBS (the only reason she is the head of the show)   The reason why woman aren’t on the panel very long.  Leah R emini  wouldn’t take her shit.  Either would Holly and they were too pretty for Julie.  I am surprised Sharon is still allowed to be on. She is the best on the show. Strong and opionated and knows a lot more that than ugly bitch.  She must be really satifying Moonves in the bedroom A REAL LOT for her to still be running the show. She is an idiot.  Not a journalist for sure.  She will stay on the show as long as Moonves is president or he gets a new lover on the side.  Until then the show will continut to sucik along with his wife.

  2. Now that is a beautiful woman.  I must agree with  this statement 100%.  Below I am talking about Julie ‘Chen. I want there t o be no mistake what so ever.  When I stated in the begining in “are u looking at her with blinders on, I was reffering to Jullie ‘Chen.  She couldn’t hold a candle to Jennifer  ‘Anniston.  I would never insult her. Jennifer I apologize . You are a natural beauty. 

    I have been around for many years and I don’t claim to be beautiful but I do know that Julie ‘chen is a real dog.  The only thing I apologize for is I spelled the word suck wrong.  It was only a typying error. 
    If she wants to see beauty she can look at you.


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