Song of the Day — Gone in the Morning — Newton Faulkner

I heard this song while watching Morning Glory, and I Shazamed it immediately.  And please don’t lecture me on taking my movie out in a movie theater — I’m The Dishmaster — and when duty calls, I go to action!  I’ve never heard of Newton Faulkner before, but I Groovesharked the album, and the whole thing is pretty darn good.  Faulkner was born in England and he’s apparently most known for his guitar playing skills.  Listen below.

One thought on “Song of the Day — Gone in the Morning — Newton Faulkner”

  1. I have no idea what shazam-ing is but I think I would like to be shazam-ed. I think. Anyhow – on first listen, this song is catchy and charming…

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