Why Doesn’t Sara Gilbert Discuss her Relationship on ‘The Talk?’

There’s something very annoying about CBS’ new show, The Talk, and it isn’t Leah Remini’s incessant yelling.  It’s Sara Gilbert, who never openly discusses her relationship on the show.  Gilbert is an executive producer and co-host, and you might remember her as Darlene Conner on Roseanne.  She came out of the closet in 2010, and she has has been with her partner, Allison Adler, since 2002.  So what’s my problem?  Gilbert has not mentioned her partner once since the show began, despite every other panelist discussing their significant other.  In fact, the premise of the show (besides being a blatant rip-off of The View), is that it provides a support system for mothers, because the ladies often discuss their personal struggles on the show.  So wouldn’t it be appropriate for Gilbert to mention Adler?  I understand that everyone finds their own way to talk about things, but if you join a talk show, and you’re not completely open about your personal life, I have a problem.  If she isn’t ready to discuss it, then she shouldn’t have signed on to the show.  Besides, this is a perfect forum for her to educate people on her personal life, and it could potentially help other same-sex couples with their own struggles.

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  1. As I was reading this, I started to think: Well, maybe she has made a personal choice not to discuss her relationship like that, that’s cool, some people are private people (I mean I wouldn’t know anything about that or anything…). But then I FINISHED reading and I agree: it is a talk show and I find the Dishmaster very credible so I have to believe that this show (which I haven’t seen) has a very obvious format that includes lots of ladies talking about there significant others. So get talking Gilbert – your life has to be more interesting than the others (Note: I have been a HUGE Gilbert fan since the days of Roseanne – I am a huge Roseanne fan, generally).

    Maybe CBS told her not to talk about it or maybe she made a ratings based choice – do some people think lesbian couples still aren’t for daytime. Can that be possible? I hope not!

  2. maybe she’s not discussing her significant other not because she is uncomfortable with her sexuality, maybe she is have personal issues, such as she and Adler are not getting along. If that were the reason she doesn’t discuss her significant other would you still have a problem with it?

    1. No. But that’s not the reason. I’m sure every woman on that panel is
      having “relationship issues,” at some point or another, and they still find
      a way to mention their partner. My gut tells me that CBS is uncomfortable
      with it, and Sara hasn’t figured out how to discuss it in a way that they
      approve of. Rosie didn’t mention her girlfriend for years on her own talk
      show, and it wasn’t until The View that she brought it up. Even then — it
      was rare.

      1. Glad you have the inside scoop here. Your Rosie comparison is interesting. Though the whole world may have known about Rosie’s sexuality, she never came out until the end of her talk show, hence why she wouldn’t mention it. She also divorced her long time lover shortly after her stint on the View, hence why she wouldn’t talk about her relationship because it probably was not a pleasant issue to speak about. Now the main point here is I am sure neither of us know the real reason Sara is not talking and I just don’t think blasting her for joining a talk show and not being open to speak about all aspects of her private life is fair.

  3. Perhaps work is work, and home is home, and never the two shall meet.

    David Letterman and Jay Leno rarely talk about their wives, particularly as comedic fodder.  Nobody wonders if those ladies are thin-skinned; it’s just assumed that they have an understanding.

    When you date or are wedded to a celebrity, your privacy is greatly diminished.  It’s important to have a part of your life together that belongs only to the two of you, that the world doesn’t get to have access to.  That’s most likely the understanding here.

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