Did Britney Spears Rip-Off The Bellamy Brothers? — NO!!

The Bellamy Brothers accused Britney Spears of ripping off their song, and their claim is laughable.  I’ve definitely accused artists of ripping off other artists on my blog, but that’s certainly not what happened here.  The only similarity involves one lyric, and I won’t even repeat it because I’m too lazy to look it up.  First of all, the best way to get your washed up name in the press is to mention someone more famous than yourself.  In fact, perhaps I should sue Britney Spears for ripping off the song that I sing in the shower every day.  Oops — I sing Britney Spears music in the shower — so that doesn’t work.  As an aside, Britney’s new song is predictably amazing, so listen below.  And since I’m feeling generous, I’ve decided to also post the Bellamy Brother’s song, despite the obvious hypocrisy of giving them attention.

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