Tune In For Chris Cuomo’s 20/20 Special on Troubled Youths

Chris Cuomo appeared on The View today to promote his 20/20 special, and he was beyond impressive. He’s officially the only man that can sit on the panel without interruption for five minutes straight.  If you’re a fan of The View, you’d also be in awe of this skill, considering those five yentas can’t go one minute without getting a word in.  I decided to tweet him my praise today, and he tweeted back a very kind thank you.  My loyal Dishmaster readers know that I like to play favorites, and Chris Cuomo is now on my favorite person list.  Having said that, I’d like to encourage all of my readers to watch his special this Friday at 10 p.m. I’ve attached a clip of him discussing the special, and it looks great. I’ve also attached a clip of his appearance on The View, so you can see for yourself what a word-ninja looks like in action.

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