Ronnie Dunn’s New Song — Bleed Red — It’s Incredible

It’s no secret that The Dishmaster loves country music. So it’s only an added benefit that a close family friend writes country music for a living. When I heard he wrote Ronnie Dunn’s new single, I almost fainted. If you don’t know Ronnie Dunn, then you’re not a country music fan, and if you’re not a country music fan, then I feel sorry for you. Dunn recently split from Brooks and Dunn, and he’s releasing a solo record. The first single off the record, Bleed Red, is incredible. The song was written by Andrew Dorff and Tommy Lee James. Dunn said that when he first heard it he noticed it “sounded like U2” and he thought, “Okay, so what if Conway Twitty were to come in and put a vocal on this anyway and cut the song?’”  You can download the song starting February 8th, and the album will be released later this year. Take a listen.

2 thoughts on “Ronnie Dunn’s New Song — Bleed Red — It’s Incredible”

  1. Absolutely amazing song!!!!! I heard it tonight for the first time on the ACM Award show… The words are some of the best I’ve ever heard and no one could have sang it any better than Ronnie…..

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