Song-A-Like — Lady Antebellum and Alan Parsons Project

I’m titling this post “song-a-like” instead of “music rip-off,” because unlike Lady Gaga’s recent Madonna rip-off, I think this one is up for debate.  A kind musician pointed out the similar choruses between Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now and Alan Parsons’ Eye in the Sky, but even he wasn’t convinced that it was intentional.  I guess there’s only so many ways to write music, and overlaps are bound to happen.  Listen below and judge for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Song-A-Like — Lady Antebellum and Alan Parsons Project”

  1. Oddly enough I had not heard this song (Need You Now) until the Grammy sweep, and everytime they played it, I was singing Eye in the Sky. I did not even realize there was a debate going on about this. It came very naturally. I doubt that it was consciously done – Lady Antellbellum look like they would have been too young to remember when Eye in the Sky was popular (1982?)

      1. Well, the fact that I very naturally started singing the lyrics of “Eye in the Sky” is enough to convince me that there may have been some borrowing, but I doubt it was done consciously or intentionally. But you are right – and so is your friend- it’s pretty blatantly obvious.

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