Sport’s Illustrated Model Irina Shayk on Letterman — Funny Interview

Irina Shayk appeared on David Letterman last month to promote her Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, and I just stumbled across the very funny interview.  Forgive me if I’m surprised by a smart model.  I’d also like to point out that I’ve noticed something awry with David Letterman after I’ve religiously watched his interviews.  Though I might be wrong about this, I’m under the impression that he doesn’t think women are funny.  Every time Irina makes a joke, Letterman moves onto the next question, and refused to verbally spar on any level.  In fact, there are moments where I think he’s actually making fun of her. Watch the interview below and judge for yourself.


One thought on “Sport’s Illustrated Model Irina Shayk on Letterman — Funny Interview”

  1. It’s more that he just patronizes her as this eastern block migrant sweatshop worker.

    So it’s a small town? And what’s your surname again? And.. how d’you say the town name again? And the surname one more time…?

    I’m over Letterman. He was great in about 95.

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