LeAnn Rimes is Skinny — And Angry

It’s no secret that I
like my ladies curvy.  So I was shocked to see the recent skinny pictures of LeAnn Rimes.  I wasn’t shocked; however, to see how LeAnn Rimes handled the attention.  Predictably — she’s angry.  She wrote on her twitter page, “To those who have to turn to other’s lives and judge with no real knowledge of how anyone lives, you can you know what!”  Perhaps I’m alone in this, but when someone tells me I look to thin, there’s a small part of me that enjoys it.  Then I weigh myself, and if I’ve lost an unusual amount of pounds — I start loading up on carbs.  Sure, I hate my gigantic ass — but I’d also like to avoid looking like a curve-less little boy.  So what’s with the hostility, Rimes?  Could it be at all possible that people are concerned about you, and they aren’t out to get you?  Picture bloggers as your Jewish mother that likes to meddle in your business — or just picture my mother.

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