Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend is ‘Sex and the City’s’ Pre-Mature Ejaculator

Carrie Bradshaw had many famous boyfriends on ‘Sex and the City.’ Often times I’d find myself getting attached, only to be sadly disappointed when they were quickly written off the show. One such favorite was Vaughn Wysel, a character in the episode entitled, ‘Shortcomings.’ He was a writer with a great family, and Carrie liked him until finding out that he was a two-pump-chump (I’d like to apologize to my father for that description, but I simply could not think of a more eloquent way to say it. Either my writing needs work — or I’m simply too perverse to call myself a lady). As it turns out, Vaughn was played by Justin Theroux, who is currently Jennifer Aniston’s new squeeze. Let’s hope he’s more capable in real life. To see a clip of his episode, watch the video below, and fast-forward to the end.

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