Dear Fan — Britney Spears Should Not Hug You

I’m not sure why this story made the rounds, but since it did — I’m going to defend Britney Spears.  Apparently, a fan asked for a hug and she declined, which is getting her some negative press.  Let me begin by saying I’ve only asked a celebrity for a picture about two times in my entire life, despite having seen many A-listers in Los Angeles.  Why?  Because I fancy myself polite, and since I don’t even like when my friends point a camera in my face, I can only imagine the magnified disdain of having fans ask for photos at all hours of the day.  Additionally, I hate hugging.  It’s annoying and somewhat gross — especially if you don’t know the person.  Call me crazy, but I don’t want to some random stranger’s genitals within 4 inches of my own.  So hats off to Britney Spears for joining The Dishmaster’s club of social hatred.

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