Diane Sawyer Interviews Jaycee Dugard — Where is Barbara Walters?

I’ve made it clear time and time again how much I detest every interviewer but Barbara Walters, and Diane Sawyer is no exception. There’s a clip below of her interview with Jaycee Dugard, and needless to say, Sawyer stinks. She doesn’t even ask a question. She instead makes a statement of fact and pauses, forcing an uncomfortable silence with Dugard, who is then awkwardly filling in the conversational gaps with what she thinks Sawyer wants to know. Isn’t there a school you go to as a journalist where they tell you that an interview actually involves asking a question, instead of inserting uncomfortable pauses in a conversation? Can Babs please come out of retirement for the big interviews? I realize they both work at ABC, but there’s no excuse for Walters’ absence on this one.

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