Julie Chen Cries Over Casey Anthony Verdict — America Has Lost its Mind

Perhaps it’s the lawyer in me, but does anyone in America actually understand that jurors cannot convict someone based on a “gut feeling?” Apparently, Julie Chen is not a lawyer. The panel of ‘The Talk’ heard the Casey Anthony verdict live, and their reaction was over-the-top. I never for one second thought she’d be convicted. Every single piece of evidence was circumstantial, and no one even knows the cause of death. Though I certainly think she murdered her daughter based on her aberrant behavior following her child’s disappearance, my personal opinion does not equate to “beyond a reasonable doubt.” If it did, then a slew of innocent people would be put in jail, and then the same jerks that are complaining that the justice system failed because of Casey Anthony, would also be complaining that the justice failed for imprisoning innocent people.

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