Dear Christine O’Donnell — If you Don’t Support Gay Marriage — You’re a Bigot

While sitting in my law school class one day, my lesbian friend couldn’t understand how it’s constitutional to prohibit gay marriage if ‘Loving v. Virginia’ says “marriage is a fundamental right.”  I quickly explained that ‘Loving’ only said it was a fundamental right for a black person and white person to get married, and the courts have decided that the case doesn’t apply to gay people. After all, if that case did apply to gay people, isn’t that a slippery slope? Wouldn’t we then be able to marry dogs (that’s a joke by the way — and it’s unfortunately been an argument often used against same-sex couples tying the knot). But I turned to my gay friend and quickly said, “equal rights will come last for gay people on this issue — and it’s sad how long it’s taking.”  So what’s my point?

Christine O’Donnell marched off Piers Morgan when he asked for her views on gay marriage, and I’ve concluded she can join Michele Bachman on my bigot list.  If a politician was racist, they wouldn’t dare publicly expose their racist views on national television.  They would simply lie about it until they got busted by a random kid with a camera phone while drunkenly spouting racist remarks at a bar somewhere. Had O’Donnell behaved this way if Piers asked for her views on inter-racial marriage, the entire country would call her racist, and she’d be publicly lambasted.  But for some reason, when the  subject of gay marriage is on the table, the world is asked to “accept opposing views” on the issue, because “we live in a country that welcomes everyone’s ideas.”

I don’t accept the views of bigots.  Not in my country.

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