Guiliana Rancic v. LeAnn Rimes: War of the Skinny B*tches

If you’re a fan of The Dishmaster, then you’re well aware that all my girl-crushes are curvy. So when I heard that Guiliana Rancic took aim at LeAnn Rimes for her weight, I couldn’t help but laugh, especially since both of these women are celery sticks. The feud began when Rancic discussed her new restaurant, and the interviewer asked what celebrity she would most like to feed. Rancic mentioned Rimes, and Rimes immediately responded with a dinner invite, suggesting that Rancic might change her mind when seeing Rimes’ food selection. Isn’t Rancic the same person that spoke on ‘The View’ about her fertility doctor’s suggestion to gain weight, saying that there’s too much pressure on her to fit into the E! sample-size outfits to do so?

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