Netflix is now Qwikster? — Dumbest Company Ever

Just when you thought Netflix could not get more stupid — think again. As if their new, cost splitting structure wasn’t confusing enough, Netflix has now decided to rename their DVD-by-mail service, calling it “Qwikster.” The term “Netflix” will now only apply to online streaming. Don’t worry — it gets worse. If you subscribe to both Netflix and “Qwikster”, then you have the annoying task of logging into to two different websites to maintain your film selection. Allow me to explain to Netflix why this is a terrible decision. The most important element of a successful company is its branding, and Netflix just obliterated that. It’s one thing to increase prices by implementing a new, confusing cost structure, but to remove the name that the consumer has come to love and trust — that’s just corporate suicide. So goodbye Netflix — it was fun while it lasted. And let this be a lesson to everyone — always think like an underdog — because there’s something about success that ruins people’s ability to reason.

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