CBS’ ‘Two Broke Girls’ Says “Shoe Her Down” — Jewish Dig?

I’ve recently discovered Whitney Cummings’ newly created show, ‘Two Broke Girls,’ and I liked it until episode three. In the episode, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs visit Goodwill, and when Behrs suggests the price of the eight dollar shoes is too expensive, Dennings scolds her, saying, “I can’t believe you’re trying to shoe her down.” As a Jewish Dishmaster who has been the subject of offensive, bigoted jokes throughout my life — the reference was immediately clear. It’s a pun on “Jew her down.” I understand that Kat Dennings is actually Jewish in real life, but the line wasn’t written by her, and even if it was — it would still be bigoted. Not cool, guys. The Dishmaster demands an apology.

11 thoughts on “CBS’ ‘Two Broke Girls’ Says “Shoe Her Down” — Jewish Dig?”

  1. I think its a clever play on words, without being offensive.  Stop being the PC police and percieving anti-semetism out of everything.  It’s not like she went Mel Gibson.

      1. I completely agree.  I saw the show for the first time last night and I was appalled and insulted, and I’m not a prude. I e-mailed CBS with a complaint.  

        1. You e-mailed CBS?!?! Over an innocuous joke?!?! Don’t ever watched The Nanny or any Woody Allen film then… you might have to file a lawsuit against Hollywood! The show is written, produced by and starring Jews.  I doubt that, that joke was trying to undermine Jewish integrity.  Lighten up, stop fabricating this oppression and just change the channel!!!

          1. I’m glad you’re fine with bigotry. Had the “joke” been a pun on the n-word, the world would be up in arms about it. You don’t get to call Jews cheap on national television, you especially don’t get to say, “Jew her down.” It’s a disgusting pun, and if you grew up Jewish with kids who made these anti-Semitic comments on a daily basis, you’d shut your mouth.

  2. Dishmaster, you clearly have some serious unresolved childhood conflicts. I bet your the type of person that protests having Santa at a holiday parade. You need to try to enjoy life a little. Instead of making reactionary comments, you should actually read what the poster has to say. Your reaction is clearly disproportionate considering the much more serious biogotry displayed on a show like The Nanny where the main character is one huge Jewish stereotype… Played for laughs. Also, if you think there is no discrimination against African Americans on television, you have your head farther up than I thought. To equate the n-word to Jew ( which they didn’t even say!) just shows how truly blinded by your stupidity you truly are.

      1. Way to belittle a poster trying to bring up a point… TL:DR? Or perhaps illiteracy? That would explain your god awful blog. You probably blog because no one cares about your opinion in real life. Do you even go out in the real world, or do you spend all your time thinking about the ” conspiracy” to ruin the Jewish reputation? You are like the rich white men that claim being discriminated against. Seriously? Hollywood is discriminating against Jews? Really?

  3. Okaay – Sasha Cohen makes fun of Arabs, regardless of how they spin it, and TV and movies in general make fun of the British. Just turn it off if you don’t like it.

  4. This show is simply not funny… Even without the silly pun it would still be a show that you watch only when all other shows are cut…

  5. More recently, I watched my one and only episode of this show and some purposely outlandish character made some remark like, ‘…bad Jews” and one of the broke girls said, “You mean ju-ju don’t you?” and the character answered, “Do I?” Clearly thias show is deliberately hinting at antisemitic content and one can only wonder why. Certainly, there can’t be a good explanation.

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