‘New Girl’ — Best New Comedy on Television

Zooey Deschanel is that rare breed of actress that appeals to both men and women. She’s extremely likable, and her new show, ‘New Girl’, illustrates her understated comedic timing. Did I mention it’s a ratings hit? That is quite the coup, given the likelihood of success in this cutthroat television industry. Deschanel plays “Jess”, a girl in her late twenties that lives with three guys she found on Craigslist after she discovered her long-term boyfriend cheated. Her new roommates help mend her broken heart, and they soon become protective. Despite her looks, Jess doesn’t know her value, which makes her charming. I couldn’t picture anyone but Zooey Deschanel in this role (the casting director deserves a promotion). Because I exited a long-term relationship myself and subsequently found a group of guys to erase my depression, I find this story personally relatable. In fact, I think almost everyone can relate. Watch a clip below.

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