Fred Durst on a Juice Fast — Dumbest Idea Ever?

I often meet people that decide to undergo a juice fast and think, “You’re really stupid. What kind of an idiot buys into that new-age garbage about body cleansing your toxins? And furthermore, I no longer want to speak to you because you’re dumb. And I hate dumb people.” But my external monologue often is, “Wow, you are so disciplined. I’ve always wanted to do that but never had the guts. Good for you!” As it turns out, Fred Durst is amongst the individuals in need of a tongue-lashing from my internal monologue. In fact, he’s worse than most, considering his fast is around thirty days, and he keeps “cheating” with cookies. Perhaps the fast will reset his brain instead of his body? To read his hilarious blog about the very difficult process click the link below, and grab some popcorn while you’re at it (it will be even more enjoyable that way).

Fred Durst = Ridiculous

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