Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump Launches Self-Hate Tirade — Retires From Music?

Let me start this post by saying I was never a fan of Fall Out Boy. The first I ever saw or heard of Patrick Stump was at a PBS event where different singers paid tribute to Buddy Holly, and Patrick Stump was one of them. He blew me away. He was in good company that night, and that company included: Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak, Graham Nash, and Paul Anka. Stump not only went to bat with the heavy hitters — he beat them. So when I heard he was coming out with a solo album, I was very excited. Unfortunately, the album was terrible. To put it plainly, he went the wrong direction entirely. His incredible voice became an afterthought to what was presumably an attempt at writing catchy tunes. But I wasn’t the only person disappointed by Stump’s latest album. Stump was disappointed too. But his disappointment surrounded the criticism, not the product. He took the time to write the self-hating monologue below:

The truth is wherever and whoever I am, whoever I am whenever I release whatever release is my next, whoever said recording is recorded with: I will never be the kid from Take This To Your Grave again. And I’m deeply sorry that I can’t be, I truly am (no irony, no sarcasm). I hate waking up every morning knowing I’m disappointing so many people. I hate feeling like the awkward adult husk of a discarded once-cute child actor. I’m debating going back to school and learning a proper trade. It’s tempting to say I won’t ever play/tour/record again, but I think that’s probably just pent up poor-me emotional pessimism talking (I suppose can be excused of that though right? I am the guy from That Emo Band after all).

It’s a shame that Stump can’t learn from his error, brush off the dirt, and keep moving forward. The guy is an incredible singer, and I find that it’s the best singers who take criticism the most personally. Knowing one’s flaws can often lead to self-destruction. So Stump — if you’re reading this — you’re fu*king great. Keep singing. Watch the video below to see him perform Buddy Holly’s “Everyday.”

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