Bully — Official Trailer — A Necessary Film

My friend’s son was a victim of bullying. He was a black belt, and he was afraid to fight back for fear of hurting the bully. His parents went to the principal, and the principal did nothing. They then called the other kid’s parents and they did nothing. So one day my friend sat with her son and said, “Take him down.” He went to school that day, got bullied, and warned the kid he was about to hurt him if he didn’t stop. When he didn’t, my friend’s son used his parents advice and front-kicked his opponent to the stomach. The bully laid on the ground wailing in pain and my friend’s son was immediately sent to the principal. When the principal called my friend to yell at her for consenting to this, she yelled back, saying that if he continued to do nothing, her son would continue to fight back. But some kids aren’t that lucky, and they can’t fight back. We’ve all either witnessed a bully or been bullied ourselves, and because many school administrations are incompetent, nothing gets done. Hopefully the new movie, “Bully”, will help bring an end to this type of behavior. Watch the trailer below.

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