Jon Hamm on The Today Show — Still Thinks Kim Kardashian is Dumb

When Matt Lauer addressed the Jon Hamm/Kim Kardashian feud while interviewing the cast of Mad Men to promote the new season, Hamm held firm. He said his comments weren’t “careless” (as Kim Kardashian put it), but rather — “accurate.” “It’s a part of our culture I don’t identify with,” he said. Though I appreciate Hamm’s refusal to back down, it’s worth pointing out that all scripted actors hate all reality stars. Reality television takes away their jobs, and contrary to Matt Lauer’s point, there simply isn’t room for both. Sure both might currently co-exist, but as time passes, scripted shows are dwindling. Reality television is just cheaper to make, and so it makes sense for networks and studios to push for them at the expense of real actors on scripted shows. Greed always trumps creativity.

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