Rosie’s Goodbye Message — Takes Dig at Oprah’s Staff?

If there’s anything The Dishmaster is good at, it’s reading between the lines. And there’s something that stuck out in Rosie’s goodbye message explaining that there’s no bad blood with Oprah. She took responsibility for the show’s failure, saying that she shouldn’t have tried to copy her old show’s format, and that by the time she switched, it was just too late. Then she complimented Oprah’s staff (whom she had rumored disagreements with), but stuck a dig in there for good measure, saying, “It was a different show than what they were used to doing.” Yikes! Despite her attempts at good-will, I’m convinced there’s bad blood. When shows get canceled, fingers will inevitably be pointed in all directions. I doubt these two television titans will be having a ladies-lunch anytime soon.

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