Stephen Baldwin and George Takei Respond to Kirk Cameron’s Bigotry

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If Kirk Cameron went on national television and said, “Black people should not be allowed to marry white people because it’s ‘unnatural,'” no one would say, “He has a right to speak his mind.” We’d call him a racist prick and damn him for eternity (see Mel Gibson). But that same respect isn’t given to homosexuals. It’s time we call Kirk Cameron a bigot and move on. And as for Stephen Baldwin — he’s a bigot too. The guy married a religious nut and because he’s pu*sy-whipped — he joined team crazy. The only reason a man thinks homosexuality is a “choice” is because he’s gay and “chose” to be straight, and he thinks everyone should join his personal hell. Watch the nonsense below.

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