Paris Hilton Bans Australia’s Channel Seven — Good Decision!

I’m embarrased to defend Paris Hilton, but someone’s gotta do the dirty work, and today it’s The Dishmaster. Paris Hilton interviewed with Australia’s Channel Seven to promote her nightclub appearance in Australia, and the interview went wrong when Edwina Bartholomew asked her what she would do when she’s not famous anymore. Hilton’s team apparently demanded they remove the question from the interview, which resulted in it not only being kept, but a re-edited intro about how much Paris Hilton sucks. Allow me to take a moment to point out the obvious. When you invite someone into your home, it’s completely inappropriate to make fun of them and to ask questions like, “Did you actually go for a swim, or would it have ruined your hair?” And what about the “she’s famous for being famous” remarks? She actually ran a clip of Hilton’s sex tape too. If you don’t respect the girl, then don’t interview her. And furthermore, what exactly is Bartholomew’s talent? It’s not as if she has any definable skill. At least Paris Hilton used her name to launch products. That’s more than some snarky ltitle blond chick with nothing better to do than pick on her guests. Watch below.

Update: Paris Hilton emailed Edwina Bartholomew and said her PR team overreacted, and she was fine with the interview. This is likely because the ban made Hilton look afraid of the question (implying that she’s already fearful that her fame has declined). Regardless, Bartholomew is still on my Dishmaster sh*tlist.

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