Quote of the Day — Tyler Shields Explains Birkin Bag Photo-Shoot

“I think if people are [upset] because I spent money on a photo shoot, then they should be upset about every single photo shoot that takes place ever. A $100,000 photo shoot, actually — Paris Hilton spent $200,000 on her album cover. The catering budget for the movie “John Carter” was $5 million. It takes money to make art. People spend money to make their work. If I was operating a McDonald’s, would people be upset because I bought inventory? How many people buy sports cars? How many people buy watches? What if I bought a $100,000 car and I crashed it? I’m not taking anything away from anybody else.” Tyler Shields’ surprisingly astute explanation about why it’s okay that he destroyed a $100,000 Birkin bag for a photo shoot.

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