Lisa Ling v. Oprah — Kardashian Kriticism

Though I appreciate her candor, if I were Lisa Ling I’d likely keep my mouth shut about the woman keeping me employed. While promoting her OWN television show, ‘Our America,’ she made it clear that she disapproved of Oprah’s Kardashian interview, saying although she understood why she did it, she doesn’t understand why the Kardashians are the most revered family in the country. Allow me to take a moment to point something out to Lisa Ling. The Kardashians are not the most revered or respected family in the country. They are on a mindless television show, which provides a relaxing release at the end of the work day. And just because I watch that television show, doesn’t mean that I can’t also watch the news. I am fully capable of doing more than one thing in the day. Should I also stop eating popcorn because it’s not oatmeal?

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