Daniel Bedingfield Performs at The Mint — Wakes Up Los Angeles Crowd

Daniel Bedingfield did it again. This is my third time watching him perform live, and he has a unique way of turning the low-energy of an intimate venue into the raucous feel of a stadium. And in Los Angeles, that’s an enormous feat. True to form, he removed the tables at The Mint to open up the floor, and he continuously exited the stage to enter the crowd. At one point, he even stood on the table of two seated individuals in what I can only assume was a hilariously antagonistic poke at their refusal to join the fun. The guy knows what he’s doing. He not only performed the songs we know and love (see “Gotta Get Thru This”), but he also treated us to some impromptu covers with a twist of his astoundingly cool beat-boxing tactics. Needless to say, I will be following him around Los Angeles for many more shows to come. Be sure to get his new EP, ‘ Stop the Traffik: Secret Fear,’ and read my interview with him by clicking here: Daniel Bedingfield Interview.

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