Mariah Carey’s New “Triumphant” Video — Underwhelms

To say I’m disappointed with Mariah Carey’s new single and video, would be a massive understatement. She should be reinventing herself, not executing the same tired formula she’s been doing for years. First, every song she writes is about “getting through the rain,” “triumphing through sorrow,” “staying strong.” Is there nothing else in her songwriting bag-of-tricks? Second, why must she flaunt her body in every shot? It appears borderline desperate, and it’s unnecessary at this stage in her career. And lastly, she’s barely singing. Who’s the star of the video? Is it Mariah? Or is it Rick Ross and Meek Mill? Before I end this post, let it be known that I unconditionally love Mariah Carey. That being said, this isn’t good enough.

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