Monsters Calling Home Kill It at The Bootleg

Monsters Calling Home 3. By Brian Kim:Daniel Chae

If it’s possible to fall in love with a band, then I’m officially in love with Monsters Calling Home. To say they’re incredible would be a cheesy understatement. I’ve followed them around Los Angeles since first discovering them at The Mint, and I’ve had the pleasure to interview lead singer Alex Hwang. When I told Alex they’d become massive he seemed shocked at the suggestion. They had just begun, and Alex was clear that they were still in their growing pains stage. I remember thinking, “Alex has no idea he’s sitting on his personal gold mine.” When I saw him at The Bootleg on Saturday, I knew he’d started his climb to the super-stardom I predict. I feared he already might have changed, but he’s still the incredibly humble person I met months ago. So congratulations to Monsters Calling Home for their success. They deserve it. Listen below to “Foxbeard.”

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